Thursday, December 06, 2007

I don't heart Huckabee

I'm not sure that Mike Huckabee deserve the time and effort needed to publish an entry here at Party for the Rights, but I got trapped in some sensationalist headline at Gay News Watch, saying that Huckabee Warns Gay Marriage Threatens Civilization. Immediately I thought about Mike depicting hordes of Gay Terrorists crashing red roadsters onto all major Evangelical Churches in America and Europe, in a weird alliance of homosexuality and Islamic integrism; or maybe it was just a matter that now that 16 US Intelligence Bodies have disclosed that Iran stopped any nuclear weapon program back in 2003 George W. Bush "Arbusto" and his gang wanted us to present with, next World War would have to be on homosexuality because conservatives and ultrarreligious fellows always need a foe to fight, be it sin, the devil or the gay family next door. Well, I followed the given link to the GQ interview and I can't find any mention of Western Civilization Downfalling, at least in the Internet version. However, it's certainly curious that former Arkansas Governor (whom I can't really recall whether he was supporting creationism when Republican presidential runners were asked) gave this answer to the question of teaching Evolution at school: "I think people should be exposed to evolution. They should be taught that, yes, this is the prevailing scientific view, but that there are others who happen to view things differently." That's great, and proves my point that Huckabee and similar people will always try to appear the weak side, so that people should be taught that while there is one prevailing view, there are people who have other viewpoints too — except of course when Fundamentalist Christian is the prevailing view, in which case it becomes The One And Only Absolute Truth To Be Followed By Everybody Worldwide, as it's the case with homosexual marriage, just to mention the most obvious.

Or maybe now that Ahmadinejad isn't an atomic foe, they can dine together after executing some more homosexuals.

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