Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A double rule in Europe

While European (and African) LGBT organizations, with help of EU governments, are pushing African governments to stop state-supported homophobia in preview of a EU-Africa summit next week, Italian government Foreign Minister says plainly that gay marriage won't be supported in Italy. That speaks enough for Europe's double rule, and while I personally think that the Yogyakarta principles should be adopted worldwide, and of course welcome the push on African governments, Italy should be pushed too in order to stop anti-gay bias in its governments officials. Not long ago, it was an Italian city major who blabbed in favor of creating gay ghettos there. And then retake the Pink Triangle used in the 40s, that could be next step.

While Italian politic corpse is well aware and ready to hurt feelings of Islam followers, it seems to me that such a territorial insertion as the Vatican State is displaying a lot of force in Italian politics, just in the same way the Roman Catholic Church would love to do in Spain, however not risking the creation of a separate political party. Now, this is how our democracy works: if you want to become a lawmaker you have to run for the Congress and obtain a majority there.

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