Friday, April 16, 2010

Bromosexuales dentro del armario

Escribe el magistrado De Domingo Martínez en La Opinión de Murcia acerca de fútbol y conceptos vertidos, según él, en la radiofonía de la madrugada post-clásico:

…volví a escuchar la radio, y descubrí un nuevo concepto que ignoraba, el de 'bromosexual', que los comentaristas lo aplicaban presuntamente a tres jugadores del Madrid.

Luego “divaga” y concluye que:

Se trata de un subgrupo de los homosexuales. Es un varón abiertamente gay, tomado frecuentemente por heterosexual entre la gente de su entorno. Es decir, aquella persona del sexo masculino que tiene rasgos y comportamiento de heterosexual, y que sin embargo es gay. O lo que es igual, que aún no ha salido del armario. Cosa que me parece muy bien, pues hasta ahí podíamos llegar.

Y aquí es donde hay algo que chirría. Perdone su señoría, pero un varón abiertamente gay ha tenido que, sí o sí, salir del armario. Y no, no es una persona del sexo masculino que tiene “rasgos y comportamiento de heterosexual”. No hay “rasgos y comportamiento de heterosexual”, queridos míos, ni tampoco hay “rasgos y comportamiento de homosexual”. Es decir, más allá del comportamiento sexual que tan queda definido por los prefijos “hetero-“ (diferente) u “homo-“ (igual). El resto son falacias, poses y máscaras. Osos hay (habemos) que disfrutamos sin fin con un buen partido de fútbol en el bar, regado con cerveza (particularmente yo, Estrella de Galicia, y este post no está patrocinado, aviso), y respetables padres de familia que se mueven con más plumas que las que en su día guardó el Baúl de la Piquer. En van a definir la “bromosexualidad” con un “¿Se puede ser abiertamente homosexual y pasar por hetero?”

Y claro que sí, en ese sentido somos muchos “bromosexuales” los que andamos por el mundo, entre otras cosas porque no solemos llevar sombra de ojos arco-iris, ni al salir del armario firmamos un compromiso que nos obligue a ponernos un pin que diga “Soy Gay” en la solapa, ni a anteponer la palabra “homosexual” a nuestro nombre: “Hola, ¿qué tal estás? Encantado de conocerte, me llamo Andrea” “Igualmente, yo soy Juan y soy gay”.

Otro asunto, que personalmente me preocupa mucho más, es el de en qué términos y en qué radio andaban “los comentaristas” hablando de bromosexuales del Madrid. Aunque, sabiendo que el mayor misterio de las retransmisiones deportivas es que el comentarista de televisión casi siempre se limita a describir lo que vemos, mientras que el comentarista de radio anuncia todo lo anunciable y se despreocupa de lo que ocurre en el terreno de juego hasta que suena el “gooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllll”… y es que, algún comentarista de según que radio, puede llamarte “cabrón hijoputa” como apelativo cariñoso. Donde no hay modales, qué vas a esperar.

Y sí, suena raro ver así un post en español en el blog este después de tanto tiempo, pero ya avisé hace unas semanas que lo mismo me ponía a hacer lo que me diera la gana un poco. Saludos.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Homophobos is the name of the moon eternally orbiting planet Religion.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Informed Comment: The Great Reagan Pyramid Scheme Comes Crashing Down

Says Juan Cole in his Informed Comment:

The Republican Party that Nixon invented melded the moneyed classes of the Northeast with the white evangelicals of the South. This odd couple went on to simultaneously steal from and oppress the rest of us. The moneyed classes were happy to let the New Puritans impose their stringent morality, since they could always just buy any licentiousness they wanted, regardless of the law. And the New Puritans were so consumed with cultural issues such as homosexuality, abortion, school prayer and (yes) fighting school desegregation that they were happy to let the northeastern Money Men waltz off with a lion's share of the country's resources, consigning most Americans to stagnant wages and increasing debt. The Reagan revolution consolidated this alliance and brought some conservative Catholic workers into it. These domestic policies at home were complemented by wars and belligerence abroad, which further took the eye of the public off the epochal bank robbery being conducted by the American neo-Medicis, and which were a useful way of throwing billions in government tax revenue to the military-industrial complex, which in turn funded the think tanks and reelection campaigns of the right wing politicians. The Reagan fascination with private armies and funding anti-communist death squads contributed mightily to the creation of al-Qaeda, blowback from which fuelled even bigger Pentagon budgets, spiralling upward and feeding on itself. Terrorism is much better than Communism as a bogey man, since you can just intimate that there are a handful of dangerous people out there somewhere, and force the public to pay over $1 trillion to combat them. In fact, of course, less US interventionism abroad would create less blowback, and genuine threats are better addressed through good police work by multilingual FBI agents than by a $700 billion Pentagon budget. As a result of the Second Gilded Age and its serf-like subservience to big capital, most corporations in the US don't pay any income taxes, despite doing $2.5 trillion annually in business. The Reagan Revolution included the stupid idea that you can cut taxes, starve government, abolish regulation of securities, banks, & etc., and still grow the economy. The irony is that capitalist markets need to be regulated to avoid periodically becoming chaotic (as in 'chaos theory,') but the people who most benefit from regulation are most zealous in attempting to abolish or blunt it. What those policies did was create the preconditions for a long-term bubble or set of bubbles that benefited (for a while) the wealthiest 3 million Americans and harmed everyone else. The average wage of the average worker is lower now than in 1973 and has been lower or flat for the past 35 years. That's the condition of the 300 million or so Americans. In the meantime, the top 1 percent has multiplied its wealth many times over and now takes home 20% of the national income, owning some 45 percent of the privately held wealth in the US. The Right keeps promising us growth, but it turns out that "growth" is mainly for them, i.e. for the 3 million (and indeed mainly for about 100,000 within the 3 million). Those 3 million are a new aristocracy, lords of the economy, who reward each other with tens of millions in bonuses for ceremonial reasons that have nothing to do with the jobs they actually perform. Bush has been trying to make them a hereditary aristocracy by getting rid of the estate tax. That is why banks are refusing the government bailout if it restricts the salaries of the top officers-- you don't mess with the feudal lord's prerogatives. The enormous wealth of a thin sliver or people at the top of US society allows them to buy members of congress and to write the legislation that regulates their industries. Congress capitulates to this 'regulatory capture' because its members have to buy hugely expensive television ads to remain competitive in elections. So they fundraise from the rich, and the rich have expectations (as Keating did of McCain). These problems could be fixed with a graduated income tax and a closing of tax loopholes ( after we get out of the recession or crash or whatever this is); by legislation criminalizing regulatory capture; by requiring mass media to run political ads for free as a public service (the public owns the airwaves); and by much shortening the election season (please).

Maybe it's time for Americans to start thinking that the Religious Right, all those New Puritans, are only after power to seek their own agenda, not a gay agenda but their own rising of Armageddon, in their own words, making The Rapture come. And, serious as they are, they're on the way to bomb the earth.

Informed Comment: The Great Reagan Pyramid Scheme Comes Crashing Down

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Globalize This!

Do you think it's worth of opening your feed reader to awake at words like these: "Uganda's controversial ethics and integrity minister who last month called for the wearing of miniskirts to be made illegal said Saturday he believed civilization was being threatened by gays."?

Wait a minute, apart of the miniskirt thingy, where else have one heard about homosexuality being such a civilization threat? Oh, yes, of course!

This guy James Nsaba Buturo went on adding misconceptions over misconceptions such as that of "globalization of homosexuality". Well, signor James, sorry to disappoint you, but there's no such a thing. What happens is that we're living in the 21st century, dear. There's been homosexuality in Uganda for ages. The problem now, for people like you especially, is that globalization in its best aspects such as the Internet, with its quick spread of news, gossips and MySpaces or Facebooks make easier for Ugandan homosexuals to connect and know they're the a rare species of monster you want them to believe they are. Information is the key, and they can surf the web to find out that they are just normal people, that there are places in this world where people with their same feelings are treated with respect, like human beings. And the same happens with homosexuals worldwide: Ugandans, Kuwaitis, Pakistanis, Indians, Saudis, Moroccans and Americans.

But of course, narrow minded people will always rise up to demand a stupid solution to a problem that only exists in their minds. Hey, forbid miniskirts because there are weak minded people and it can cause accidents. It's not the miniskirt, stupid: it's the weakness of your mind. And you're the real accident.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wall Street and Testosterone.

If yesterday the solution to financial crisis seemed to be placing a ban on all ungodly behaviors and manners of the world, and instead of a bailout Wall Street needed more Bibles, today we woke up with the announcement that higher levels of testosterone lead to riskier investments. Once again, science proves to divorce from religion.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Forget the Bailout, or How to Really Deal with Financial Crisis.

Via Gay News Blog, this week's tidbit of hilarious humor: Reputed Financial Advisor Michael Heath proposes the following measures to deal with financial crisis:

Heath goes on to list policy changes that would make God “crack a smile,” including: End abortion rights and defund non-profit groups supporting it, amend state constitutions to ban gay marriage and eliminate domestic partnerships and civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, and end discrimination against private religious schools and homeschools.

Definitely, why spend so many billions and zillions when you've got the solution at hand? Open the bible instead of touching the interest rate.

Abdellah Taïa interviewed

Today's online number of Publico presents an interview with Abdellah Taïa, Moroccan writer born in Sale in 1973, and the first one in coming out of the closet via Tel Quel magazine in January 2006. Abdellah has been pictured in Tel Quel's front page. Over his picture there was an only word: "Homosexual".

The interview, in Spanish language, describes briefly his coming out process, his family feelings and an overview of Morocco in regards to homosexuality. Some excerpts:

What about your family?

They thought I couldn't be a good Muslim, but they didn't reject me totally. They feared about me, my personal safety. My younger brother couldn't go out to the street.  [...] When I came back home, my mother cooked a lot for me. It was so tender, but also a way of not speaking about my sexual condition. Morocco is in the stage of denial of homosexuality: we don't want to name it since naming it means recognize its existence.

Homosexuality is present in Moroccan popular culture.

Sure; those men in women disguise in Jmaa el Fnaa (Marrakech) and nothing happens; there's been a wide tolerance, traditionally. Privately, Moroccans are a very free people. The problem is society's control. [...] Even the Islamist party will tell you "You can be homosexual, but you can't show it". There's no problem as long as you hide, however, there'll be some point in which you'll be socially compelled to get married.

Are you optimistic about Morocco's future?

Sometimes I am: nowadays, newspapers are criticizing the King, but there's an economical impasse. For many Moroccans, there's a daily struggle to find food for today. You can't achieve sexual freedom when you live in such conditions.

For those of you able to read Spanish, here's the link to the full text.