Monday, December 31, 2007

Recap of the year - Spain December 30

It was already by early December that the highest hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church called to a demonstration to be held on December 30th in Madrid. The motto of such mass movement, they said, was to promote Family.

Traditional catholic family, that is. Rouco Varela and other ultraconservative monsignori e prelatti dalla chiesa have been claiming, protesting and warning that divorce, abortion and same sex marriage only could lead to dismembration of the whole society, war, and destruction. If people were less read than we are today, Rouco would have possibly blamed famines, hurricanes, earthquakes and the whole War on Terror on same sex marriage. Not many of you, readers, may remember when cardinal Rouco claimed and shouted, just some months before July 2005, that the gates of Hell would literally open on Madrid if Spain dared to legalize same sex unions. But it's not just that issue today. Abortion (they claim to be pro-life but never moved a single finger to protest war or starvation), divorce (Roman Catholics would not recognize divorce, but the Church's got its own court where, if you have money enough, you can have your marriage removed), an educational reform introducing a new, much needed subject, Education for Citizenship, which Rouco and his adlatere find partisan and interested (they would instead teach the Roman Catholic Catechism, of course)... and their own political support for the most right-winged parties, that led to call for such a demonstration.

With invaluable support from autonomic authorities in Madrid, who are close to the Opus Dei or the Legion of Christ, the Spanish Roman Catholic Church staged a reunion of Catechism thumpers. Estimated figures ranged a lot depending on them being Church estimates, police estimates or whatever. Some people said there were more than 1 million people. According to an independent blog which took in charge making estimations for Madrid's demonstration, there were between 80,000 and 150,000 people in such demonstration. But don't worry, Jesus loves you, and will multiply demonstrators the same way he did with fish and bread.

Eventually, some intelligent guy said what must be said about such people. El Teleoperador writes, in Spanish, that:

Christians should be demanding for free abortion, for express divorce and for same sex marriage worldwide, because forbidding these things deprivates them (Christians) from proving the Lord the strenght of their faith. Christians should demand such rights first, then renounce them, and try to convice the rest of us to renounce too. That's what logic says, no? But of course which logic could be embedded within people who believe they can talk to doves?

Party for the Rights will be partying for all our rights extensively today, wishing you all a Happy New Year. Take good care, stay cool, keep safe, and do nothing we wouldn't party about.


El Teleoperador said...

In fact, what I wrote was "Which logic could be embedded within people who believe they can talk to an alien zombie who is at the same time his own father and a dove?"

Don't make me smooth. If I'm gonna be condemned I want to be completly condemned.

Juan L. Iglesias said...

I wasn't trying to save you nor smooth your words, just disguising it into a more general Christian belief: some don't really believe in Trinity and still chat with doves. However your correction is much appreciated.