Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blame it on the teens

Incredible as it could seem, Bernardo Alvarez, bishop of Tenerife (Roman Catholic) said that "there may be, and in fact there are, teens no more than 13 years old, that not only want but provoke molesting" in the sexual sense of the word (as if it had any other), informs El Pais, in an interview on the Canary Islands newspaper La Opinion.

In less politically correct words, Bishop Alvarez says that if you're a teen in the islands and want to sing in your church's choir you'd better be an ugly, chubby boy, unless the bishop himself gets turned on by chubbies and cubs, in which case you'd have the chance to be molested by higher hierarchies of the Catholic Church.

Traditionally, April's Fools Day in Spain is being celebrated on December 28th. I'm writing this thing 30 minutes before dec 28th starts so it's no joke.

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