Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shades of Love: Black Homosexuality, volume 1

While most of the world and especially in the United States of America, LGBT activists are comparing homosexual rights to Black Civil Rights, for instance in this article, other organizations and bodies took a different approach. For those of us not living the American reality, it's not easy to understand how being gay and Black can shape life into an environment which poses itself to appear to foreigners as the Big Melting Pot and Land of Opportunity, though having its own issues, problems and unbalances that are only known to those people experiencing American life.

By Ijaba Films, Shades of Love: Black Homosexuality is a trilogy of documentaries that express the experiences and problems of black homosexuals. Volume one dispels the myth about the origin of homosexuality among those of African descent. It exposes the many misconceptions that there was no homosexuality in pre-colonial Africa and that homosexuality was introduced to Africans by Europeans. This volume also brings into the open the rampant racism within the LGBT communities. It exposes the hypocrisy among those invoking the spirit of the civil rights movement in an effort to obtain gay rights, who, while doing so, are ferociously practicing the same racism that sparked the civil rights movement of days past.


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