Saturday, November 10, 2007

Party for the Rights news: how to split a blog in two

Ralph-01For all our readers who have voted in that poll last month, where the majority asked for eye candy to be published in Party for the Rights, here are the news.

We have decided to keep Party for the Rights within its first limits of politics, opinion and news, but since a majority wanted to see pictures (at least) we must give people what people want, so we're creating a brother blog called Candy for the Eye where we're going to publish pictures of models taken from public domain sites and mailing lists. Such picture sets will include nudity most of the time, some times will depict explicit sexual action among men, and some other times will include some particular fetish. We're not taking a single line of model ethnicity and we're open to suggestions, submissions of pictures you want to see in the blog, and every other idea you want to point out.

As a first starting point, here's the model whose photoset is being published today at Candy for the Eye. We don't have much details on his career and those pictures are dated long ago (we mean several years ago) but we do think that he can keep us guys in the mood for mambo anytime.

Oh, and finally, where's the link for that new blog? Well, you'll have to discover yourself. Hint: drag your mouse over the picture and see what happens.

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