Thursday, November 08, 2007

All God's creatures, big and small...

"I love all of God's creations - heterosexuals and homosexuals alike - and I understand that all of us are prone to excesses, rebellion and sin," writes Betty Ann Blaine in The Jamaica Observer. "But..."

You know there's always a but. They love us homosexuals but we're endangering the world and we should be terminated with the utmost love. They love all God's creatures big and small, and homosexuals are lower in the love scale than cockroaches. They love all human beings made in the image of God but homosexuals should be put to death or forced labor in order to "keep my children safe from deviant, satanic influences".

And why is that such so religious people can't seem to have an own ethic system of values outside their bigoted scriptures? Are they just zombie-minded children unable to know what's right and wrong apart of what the Bible says? Or simply programmed empty minds that repeat the program like parrots?

Uh, enough of blogging today, but don't miss this next weekend when Party for the Rights is going to make a big statement and developments in regards to that poll we asked you earlier last month. We're getting ready to split and open a twin Nude Pictures Blog.

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