Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fiat Lux Fiat Windows

Via Pink News we learn that Rev. Ken Hutcherson, head of the Antioch Bible Church based in Redmond has launched a plan to "take over Microsoft, one of the world's largest companies by packing it with shareholders who will vote against their policy of advocating gay rights." Reverend Hutcherson "told a shareholders' meeting that he would be the company's "worst nightmare", threatening that he has the support of not only the 3,500 members of his church, but perhaps also millions of evangelical Christians and orthodox Jews."

It's unclear whether next versions of Internet Explorer would deny actively browsing gay sites, or Microsoft Office would wipe out any reference to homosexuality from documents taking advantage of a new improved autocorrection feature. Reverend Hutcherson didn't make clear what would be the Antioch Bible Church position on Linux and Open Office, or MacOS.

This guy Ken Hutcherson is the same one we came across when reading about the American Christian support for violent anti-gay Lithuanian groups, like that one called Watchmen on the Walls. And if you read the articles provided on links in this post, it will become quite apparent that Hutcherson is just another greedy liar.


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