Monday, November 19, 2007

What the Bible says...

Tennessean dot com features on their online issue of yesterday an article on how scholars make their biblical exegesis to confirm existing prejudice, in most cases. With opinions from the maker of success documentary For the Bible Tells Me So, and other renowned people, the title is itself a deep questioning on the reasons and challenges that Biblical scholars meet or don't meet, most of the time: Does the Bible always tell us so?

The article reminds us how through the centuries, the Bible has been used to justify abhorrent crimes such as slavery, while keeping its focus on same sex relationships, and confronting true exegesis, which "involves the careful examination of Scripture in its historical context to understand what it means and how it might speak to us today," versus prooftexting, which occurs when someone takes a Biblical verse out of any context and misusing it to support prejudice and bigotry.

For all this, Does the Bible always tells us so? is something we recommend to read. Not only we recommend it to our fellow homosexuals, but also to Fred Phelps, Akinola, and all the rest.

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