Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Revisiting Nigeria

And here we go again with this favorite country of mine, Nigeria. Yesterday I was slightly pointing a link to some news about the 18 guys arrested and almost lynched for cross-dressing in Bauchi, northern Nigeria, and since I'm not a national of the country (but have had some Nigerian experiences before) I'll give voice to Akin who writes a beautiful article in his blog on the issue — let's make it extensive to most fundamentalist religions, faiths and creeds, and don't forget Akinola, who seems to be heading towards the Fred Phelps direction (by the way, his latest rant says God hates Mexico too, hurricane Dean is the proof. St. Lucians, Jamaicans and other Caribbeans are just collateral casualties, as in "friendly fire").

But again an old sketch on Naija: on a BBC report apparently dated 2004 we can read that a senior football (soccer for the US readers) official in Nigeria "ordered the removal of any unacceptable players at an upcoming junior tournament. He said their behaviour was not culturally acceptable and promoted homosexuality." What was the fuss over? Hairstyles, no less.

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