Sunday, August 26, 2007

Again: Religion-based Homophobia.

It's been almost a week since our last post, but the waiting's been worth. With renewed energy we're reviewing other people's blogs and sites, and in half an hour we've come across two interesting posts by people we never heard of before.

On the Diary of a Middle Aged Bisexual Rogue we found this nice sentence, which almost made me think that there can be a chance to live in a place nearby religious people:

Something got me mad yesterday. I did some research into an organisation called Christian Voice who were protesting at Pride. It turns out they are a right wing organisation who are more interested in homophobia than the word of God. They rant incessantly about gay people - even using the word queer in its most insulting context. Where is the love of God?

Thank you Auntie Alice, for being a believer and still being respectful to us gay and lesbian people.

Lex on "What Would Charles Martel Do?" starts yesterday's post with these words:

Some rat-bastards stole my fucking rainbow flag! They just lowered it and stole it and left the hooks hanging!

And believe me, it's a post worth reading, what you're doing here yet? You should have already opened a new window with it!!!

Today's bringing more news on Ted Haggard. Michelangelo Signorile writes on The Gist that The Haggard Story Gets More Demented and it's something worth reading too. I'm starting to believe that religious freedom tends to be more a money-making machine than real freedom of beliefs, at least in the Americas (OK, OK, in Europe too, and Ok, also in the whole world). And the jewel on this post must be a MySpace-stile site which should complement GodTube: MyChurch. Religion goes Web 2.0.

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Lex said...

Hey, thanks for the link. "Pottery Barn Ruby Ridge" has now relocated and I have bought MANY new flags! I did, however, have my rainbow/FRIENDLY sticker stolen as well. That couldn't have happened here at home, either. This suburb has turned from just traditionally fiscally Republican into "Jesus Camp", and it is no longer funny to even mock these fools. Most of my friends have moved to Brooklyn, NY, in fact. Absurd.

Well, as my former quests have decamped from my site (due to my attacks on Fundie Freaks largely, as well as my insistence on no longer painting any ethnic group with the same brush), it is great to have new readers! I wasn't sure anyone was even still looking, other than my neighbors!