Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On Freedom of Marriage

[DISCLAIMER: This post reflects only the views of the writer, not those of the Blog]

I consider myself a person who has some respect for other people, especially those who don't think the same way I do. Anyway, one tends to have a superb view of self, so I may be much worse than I think. And, in any case, I do really think that Christians should be allowed to marry. They should even be allowed to adopt children, like any other kind of people.

I'm right now figuring out the many voices claiming against this point of view, but before start all your rants, you should bear in mind this: Christians are persons too, just the same kind of persons we are. It only happens that they chose to believe, unlike we, who never chose to be attracted to same-sex people. But we can't blame them for their choosings; after all, they do that in the hope to be better human beings.

So, how can we be against their wish to sanctify their civil bond, commitment to be two of them together forever (till death do them part)? No, isn't that wish the same one we have, at some given point in our life? If they prefer to believe that there's a god sanctifying their bond, we have the justice of the peace, and they have to legalize their marriage in the same place we do ours, no?

Some of you may be thinking that marriage is not the worst thing we could allow Christians to do, but it'd be allowing them to adopt children. Wouldn't those children be in a greater risk to become Christians if raised within a Christian household? Well, I can't deny that possibility, but I honestly believe that, since religious views are a matter people choose, such children would be able to adopt some critical view on a later stage, then become Buddhist, Atheist, Muslim, or Hinduist.

Thus, from this humble tribune which this blog is, I dare to say "Christians, I have no problem with you marrying each other". And by extension, I have no problem that people of other beliefs marry themselves too.

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