Thursday, August 30, 2007

African Anglicans and the USA

While most of the blogosphere centers in the Larry Craig scandal/case, and you can find a lot of similar opinions out there, I'm likely to keep pointing to Africa-USA religious relationships. Not only Nigeria and Uganda, this time it's been Kenya (and formerly Tanzania) Anglican Church which is extending tentacles into US in the form of American Bishops paying allegiance to those Anglican National branches. Bishops Bill Murdoch, of Massachusetts, and Bill Atwood, of Texas, will be answerable to the Kenyan Church, although they will serve in the US, the decision taken because, of course, Episcopal Church is not having a sane, clearly Godly, stance on homosexuality. Fred writes about it on Jeckyll and F J Hyde blog: "This unacceptable and unconscionable bigotry does nothing more than further physical, emotional and spiritual violence against gays and lesbians".

Quite likely, Fred. However some of us have already chosen to leave those anti-gay churches, chapters, parishes and sects out of our life. And we're not less spiritually rich than they claim to be.

Any of these days I'll have to write my own rant about the matter. Maybe it's that those US bishops are trying to use African countries as guinea pigs, an experiment on how to forbid and punish homosexuality — and then transplant it to the States?

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