Sunday, December 09, 2007

Forget Iran, here's the real enemy

Sometimes one's forced to get some months back in time. Remember the Ig Nobel Awards earlier this year, and how the Gay Bomb was one? Roman Silantyev is a man most revered among Eurabian bloggers for his articles on how muslims are baptizing in former Soviet Union, (I read that before in my grade 6 history class, but it was about Isabel and Fernando, the Catholic Kings of Spain and the forced baptization of muslims, jews and non catholics alike during the 16th century). Silantyev seemed to have entered some sort of late night show back in October this year, when he stated to Interfax, the Russian News Agency, in regards to that "gay bomb", that "the development of this bomb means that the Pentagon equates the propagation of the idea of homosexuality to weapons of mass destruction".

Hence, President Bush's definition of the "Axis of Evil" is wrong. The New Axis of Evil should include countries that not only "promote homosexuality" by allowing gay pride parades, but nations that go even further, allowing gay marriage: Canada, Spain, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and the very USA Fifth Column of Massachussets!!!

I'm not sure that the UN Security Council be expected to issue a resolution in this matter before air raids start over all these WMDs-bearing countries. However, Mr. Silantyev was deadly serious in his statements.

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