Friday, October 26, 2007

Gay club attacked in Lithuania

That's how PinkNews opens this article about Lithuanian homophobia. It's apparent now that eastern european countries are among the most homophobic at least inside the European Union. While the reasons for this behavior are not yet clear, in my opinion there seems to be some sort of religious resurgence, the deep rejection of communism which probably leads people to the far right in the political spectrum, and an overall laissez faire towards neo-nazi gangs while communist counterparts are hunted, as in the Poland case where not only homosexuals were going to be listed and fired from civil servancy, but every person with "communist" collaboration issues in the past had been included in black lists during the Twin Government. I think we have spoken about Lithuania formerly, here and here, and also you can explore the bonding of their anti-gay bands with US-based organizations in this Alternet article.

It's quite clear to me that the American Religious Right can't do much in Western Europe to strike back against LGBT rights, but recent documents related to Uganda and Lithuania appear to draw a similar trend where the ultimate link leads to American Evangelist Churches — with a paranoid conspiracy sense awake, one would say that such cults had launched a crusade to baptise the world. But we're no paranoid, are we?

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