Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lithuania going Poland way?

"A new law currently before the Lithuanian parliament could be amended to ban the "promotion" of gay, lesbian or bisexual relationships to children", informs Tony Grew in PinkNews.

Apart of the systematic use of the word "promotion", a constant in anti-gay speech which I believe is trying to instill the idea that homosexuals want to turn the whole world homosexual, Lithuania is a country into the EU, thus the article very well states that :

Margarita Jankauskaite, project manager for the Centre of Equality Advancement and ambassador for the European Commission Campaign "For Diversity, Against Discrimination," claims that the proposed amendment is contradictory to the legislation and the values of the European Union. "

So, against some people's opinion that countries like Poland or now Lithuania, trying to pass Acts which downgrade homosexual (human) rights, be expulsed from the EU, I think that such countries would better be carefully watched, kept inside the European Union, so that minorities have a tool to resort to when they feel their rights are cut.

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