Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Jihad For Love

  "A documentary about Islam and homosexuality is vying for attention at the Toronto International Film Festival, where high-profile movies set in the Middle East are already making a splash," says Reuters.

The official web site, which contains a miriad of useful links for the Arab and Muslim homosexuals, offers also screening schedules both in the Toronto International Film Festival and in some other Festivals worldwide, and the making off lines for a documentary which took more than six years to shoot. Some of the people appearing in screen we might already have heard of, as in the Cairo 52 case, one of whom appeared also in "Dangerous Living". This is the movie which was some years ago named "In the name of Allah" and the theatrical release is most welcomed, especially because the director, Parvez Sharma, is himself a gay Muslim man.

A Jihad For Love focus in characters who "have vastly different personal takes on Islam, some observing a rigorously orthodox regimen, others leading highly secular lifestyles while remaining spiritually devout."

And thought leading one of those highly secular lifestyles, I won't finish this post, dedicated to all Muslim brothers and sisters, homosexual or not, without wishing you all — Ramadan Mubarak Kareem.

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