Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebrating Eid in Uganda

Pink News informs that an Ugandan Muslim cleric, some sort of scholar of prestige among muslims, has called for all homosexuals in the country to be put on exile off to an island in Victoria Lake, and "If they die there then we shall have no more homosexuals in the country" he bothered to remark. This stupendous solution for the homosexuality "problems" that Uganda has been allegedly facing lately, partly with support from the United States of America, which has been allegedly funding homosexuality-hate groups as developers of HIV programs, has been put to use in more extreme conditions last century, when homosexuals were also called to wear pink triangles. And then Mr. Sheikh Ramathan Shaban Mubajje calls himself a scholar.

Well, the truth may be that after the celebrations of the end of Ramadan, Sheikh Mubajje may have been suffering of some acute attack of gastroenteritis, or perhaps he was simply drunk.

And there are still people who think homosexuals don't need hate protection. Sure.

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