Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spain not so homophobia-free

Do you still remember that Spanish judge Mr. Calamita? Well, he's again on the news, this time in regards to the second lesbian-discrimination case we talked about. Now he's been charged with an administrative fault for delaying an adoption process by a lesbian couple, started in May 2006. When asked about the delay reasons, he allegedly answered that "there's no need to be an expert to know for sure that a child needs a male father and a female mother, and withouth both parental figures the child will grow unbalanced".

On another piece of news, the Spanish Navy impersoned by a logistics captain has denied the official 2 weeks leave for marriage reasons to a PFC who, last July, married to a transexual. While I don't think that such captain spoke for the official Spanish Navy stand on these matters, he's proof of the homophobic and ultracatholic, francoist views that a number of people in Spain still hold. Remarks such as "that's not a real marriage" and "if Franco was still alive, you red faggots would be killed" say it all.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the American Navy builds bases like this one in southern California, with a striking resemblance to the Hitlerian swastika (via FP Passport).

Uh, is it my lol conspiracy sense or there is any sort of ultra-right and pro-fascist thing in Navies nowadays?

Ok, let's all wipe off these unconfortable feelings we're right now having, and finish this post with the all-time disco hymn from our favorite people in the village.



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