Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Spain - Judge in Murcia strips lesbian mother of daughters' custody

So we thought that after achieving gay marriage here we were going to be in paradise? Nay, here we go again with the anti-homosexual attitudes of some given sectors of the Spanish society, be it the Catholic hierarchy, the conservative parties (and the nazi parties too) or some others. The guy is remarkably an ultraconservative, and the sentence of his court's been already appealed on higher courts, for sure, because the grounds for such a sentence were that

"the children have the right to one father and one mother, not two fathers or two mothers, and such is the prescription made by the most prestigious psychology scholars."

Ok, those are the funny parts of the text. So you judge the kids have the right to one father and one mother, and you strip them their mother to give them to their father? Nonsense, the same nonsense we find in many other situations.

This judge (who's in the process of suffer a disciplinary proceeding by the Murcia Supreme Court, here in Spain don't let them judges judge so independently, of course) has a long record of such nonsense, it seems. Back in the 80s ordered two women sunbathing in top-less in Cadiz to be arrested, and not long ago he tried to block the adoption of a girl by her mother's lesbian spouse.

But at last something's working in Spain. For more indepth news on this issue you can take a look at it in Spanish here in El Pais, and here, in English, from Reuters.

The name of this "person" is Fernando Ferrín Calamita, thus his behavior is not really weird, since Calamita is the latin equivalent of Calamity, and that's exactly what he's becoming for the GLBT community in Murcia.

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