Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gay – Acceptance of your sexual orientation (Haiti)

Definition (Sexual orientation)
More than often, people can hear the expression “sexual orientation” but takes it for granted as if they really understood the true meaning. Wikipedia offers the following explanation that is clear and concise:

Sexual orientation refers to the direction of an individual's sexuality, usually conceived of as classifiable according to the sex or gender of the persons that the individual finds sexually attractive. The most commonly used categories of sexual orientation are heterosexuality (being sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex), homosexuality (being sexually attracted to members of the same sex) and bisexuality (being sexually attracted to members of either sex). (

From such explanation, we, the readers of the present article, have the possibility to classify ourselves as homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual. Here again, there is a concept that proves that life is not black and white, but there is shade between the poles. Even further, homosexual people define another type of categorization which includes active, passive, or versatile individuals. This type of categorization reveals the position of the partner during sex intercourse. However, other people take it to a psychological level, also believing that it depends on which person has more influence in the relationship.

Using the term “sexual orientation” although it sounds neutral can bring other connotations. In Haiti, it is common that people get offended if you ask them about their sexual orientation. For these people, it flows very natural and logic that men and women are heterosexual. Hence, they believe that the requestor is implying some kind of accusation that they are homosexual. For you, the open-minded reader, such behavior may sound very funny and stupid at the same time. However, such attitude reveals that many people do not accept their sexual orientation when it is not “heterosexual.” Do you accept yours?

Homosexual behavior variations
In Haiti, like in many other countries, on a general basis, men are supposed to display a virile style. Most of the time, such thinking leads the beholder to even demonstrate a certain level of machismo, degrading women which they “use.” As a matter of fact, many of those men, who are homosexual, try their best to display their machismo too. In public, there is no one more virile than they are and they would even curse another man who would try to approach them or even to display good manners toward them. Are you one of those men?
In minority, other men display a feminized style. Many share the common definition of the category of those men as the “queen style.” A grand majority of these individuals seem to better assume their sexual orientation; their feminized style is stronger than their will, so there is no need to struggle with the inside. Are you one of those men?

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