Saturday, September 08, 2007

Remember Madeleine?

McCanns' close friends say husband and wife will stay in Portugal "to fight for clearing their name", after being suspected in their little daughter's disappearing. Let's make a point clear: when they got suspected, they can't simply leave the country. Do you remember the Madeleine McCann's hype all over the internet and the world? Interviews with presidents, ministers, the Pope, the "Find Madeleine" campaign, a solidarity fund amounting around 1,5 million euro... Yet last month, Portuguese Police started a line of investigation tending to what now BBC understands to be "that the police put it to Mrs McCann that she was somehow responsible for the accidental death of Madeleine inside the apartment" then "that with the help of her husband she then hid the body temporarily and then moved it later using the couple's hire car."

Neighbors of the McCanns in Portimão started wondering whether the media circus ignited by the family was the adequate framework for the Police to be allowed to work properly, but also have doubts about all the hype. Whether the McCanns be temporary suspects and get cleared innocent, or the fact be they eventually get guilty, I can't help thinking of Canary Islands disappearing of Jeremy, just to name one among the many cases which never got any hype, or even ongoing press attention.

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