Friday, September 07, 2007

Matt Sanchez - Attack is The Best Defense

Yes, our beloved ex-porn star (whose flicks I never watched, by the way) takes up on arms on the Larry Craig case/not case/case again, but not defending the (maybe) resigning Senator. Via Topix. (There's a link to Matt's rant published in Right Wing News, if you want to read it in full go to Topix and follow their link, I'm allergic to linking Right Wings here).

Mr. Sánchez works out some memorable statements when asserting that "For homosexuals, cruising is a sacred pastime right up there with re-runs of Will and Grace, circuit parties and lip-syncing drag queens. Public sex is supposed to be "hot," and I have some knowledge of this having co-starred in the high-end fantasy film Tijuana Toilet Tramps. In reality, for gays, a subset that defines itself by bodily function, it is no secret that the way to a homosexual's heart is somewhere beneath the stomach."

Hmmm... let me take a wild guess. Mr. Sánchez became an ex-gay whose feelings for the same gender individuals were more than fulfilled during his military years of comradeship (but of course no sex), and now he's trying to reduce homosexuality to casual sex encounters in toilets and dark rooms? The whole rant of Mr. Sanchez deals not with the rights of Republican Senators to vote in "conscience" what they feel right, yet cruising for quick dirty sex in tearooms — allegedly (and with my English shortcomings) he's protesting that LBGT organizations somehow "guide" or "publish guides" to toilet sex and circuits. Well, Matt, if such points of alleviating pressure on cruising had succeeded, Craig wouldn't have been messed in such affair, don't you think?

But the funniest part of the rant is this sentence: "A few years ago, the entire Craig scandal would have been inappropriate for the mainstream news." Oh, of course. Those times when news relied entirely in Governmental statements, eh? And now what is the GOP gonna do, ban the Internet too?

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