Saturday, September 29, 2007

Phallic obsession.

What is it about penis size? Do we all males want a bigger penis? And what's the case with homosexual males?

A simple Google search for "the question of penis size" can easily render two million pages dealing, more or less, with such basic question. Most of those entries will lead you to expert sites where the eternal question "Does size really matter?" will be answered in the sense that the size of penis has no relation with sexual pleasure or performance. This is mostly said about heterosexual relations. Is it so for homosexual relations too? Here at Party for the Rights, we never answer Absolute Truths, so we are going to present you with some actual facts that might help you decide and live happily with your thing, be it what it is.

First of all, we need to take a look at the many schemes used for penis measurement, on which it'll depend your size chart. Ken Sepkowitz took a look back at The Inexact Science of Penis Measurement in Slate, concluding that "after more than 60 years, and thousands and thousands of penises measured for the cause, we still don't know who should measure, what to measure (erect, flaccid, or stretched), where to measure from (the pelvic bone to the tip of the glans is the usual itinerary, but some researchers push the ruler against the pubic bone to give obese people a break, or don't allow for the gain in length of curvature), or how many measurements are enough to assure an accurate result." So, the first thing we learn is that there is no absolute penismeter machine hence there can't be an absolute Average Penis Size. For gays, we can be happily proud though that from Kinsey's size study, some recent analysis noted that "homosexual men reported larger penises than did heterosexual men."

Well, let's say you're not satisfied with your genital looks and you want to increase your size. What are your options? Basic Google search will give you a million pages aimed at your knob, but all of them can be summed up into three basic systems:

  • Pills (not Viagra), herbal teas, drugs, et al: products that claim when intaken, your penis will become bigger over time.
  • Traction or vacuum systems: pumps and elongators.
  • Natural exercises, be it ayurvedic, buddhist, oriental, or presented in a much more Western way.

Ramone Johnson takes a quick look at all these myth-methods and challenges them all, including surgery, in his post The Truth About Penis Enlargement at A very good, simple exposition. And for a deeper, light hearted look on penis surgery, you can watch this BBC documentary on the small penis syndrome.

 But perhaps the most inclusive site you will ever find about penis, whether you're homosexual or heterosexual, is altPenis, where you can even pay a visit to The Icelandic Phallological Museum. Isn't it incredible?

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