Friday, September 28, 2007

No Logo TV for Bahamians

We should seriously think about changing this weblog's name from Party for the Rights to Watch on Bishops. Last thing in the Caribbean (which I knew it'd happen, see this post's last lines — OK, OK, I know, but wait for Jamaican Churches to start ranting, it won't take them too long), comes via Rod 2.0: Bishop (of course, "bishop") John Humes said that the church is prepared to fight the Rainbow Alliance against inclusion on Cable Bahamas of Logo TV. Articles on The Bahama Journal and The Nassau Guardian develop the case in full, including replies by Ms. Erin Greene, president of the Rainbow Alliance, who seems an outspoken woman who never bites her tongue in conversations with the church.

I didn't personally checked the Constitutions of all these countries, but did so with the Bahamian one, and I'm afraid that Ms. Greene is going to lose the case. While the Supreme Chart provides for freedom of expression and religion in Bahamas, it also clearly states "an abiding respect for Christian values" and if I learnt something while blogging here is that one of such Christian values, probably the most cherished by bishops and other fauna, is that of forbidding homosexuality while preserving family and moral values.

Therefore, I don't think there will be Logo TV on Cable Bahamas. Some people would regret the non-inclusion of that channel, though me, as individual, can tell you something: after Noah's Arc being cancelled with only two seasons, there's not much more that I can deem as eye candy on Logo TV.

Noah's Arc crew – Season One

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