Saturday, August 04, 2007

LGBT paradise in Europe endangered?

Amsterdam, once well known as Gay paradise in Europe, is endangered. From 16 attacks on homosexuals in 2006, the number of such in 2007 (Jan-Aug) has already raised up to 18, informs El País (Spanish). The former Blue and Pink hotline established by Dutch police to receive denounces on homophobia has turned into a corpse of 30 gay and lesbian policemembers who patrol Amsterdam streets encouraging same sex loving people to denounce aggressions. Though the report on the Eurogaypolice site points to Arab on Arab attacks, El Pais reports that the aggressor profile is more diffuse, noting that white supremacists may also be involved, while not exclusively attacking arab homosexuals.

At the same time, Manchester's police is looking for gay advisors to help them handle homophobia denounces, and in Spain, recent headilines about homophobia are not uncommon, with five attacks last month in Gandia, Valencia. Add all the cases in Eastern European countries, with violence in Moscow Pride and other ex Soviet republics now independent, the recent Gay Kiss issue in Italy, Poland's twins government, et al. No, this is no paradise for homosexuals, and homophobia can be awaiting behind any corner on any street, and that's why we must carry on the, let's say, normalization of homosexuality.

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