Wednesday, August 01, 2007

BBC World: Coming out in Jamaica

BBC world news wired the first part of a documentary about homophobia worldwide. This first part, aired on July 23rd, deals with Jamaica:

"There have been calls for a gay eradication day, mob violence towards homosexual people is tolerated by the police, and there is a lot of ignorance and fear.

Gay rights are not on the agenda and are unlikely to be in the future. As a result, many homosexuals stay firmly in the closet.

But what happens when people choose to come out under such hostile social circumstances?"

Allegedly the program can only be listened to by UK residents, however I've been able to download the mp3 file. The link to the program on the BBC site is this, but if it's not working, just send me a message and I'll manage to send the file to you, it's about 10 Mb.

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