Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baptist Ban on Kilts.

Via Technorati one comes across a stupendous post in Aye!, one of those things about which one's never sure whether to laugh at endlessly or take for real and wonder where this world is heading to. Baptists for Brownback have blogged an hilarious rant about that Scottish traditonal and proud garment, the Kilt.

Allegedly, such garment for men would allow homosexuals for a much quicker "fornication" method. One can't be completely sure that the whole blog is not a sattire; some of the comments are asking that question of course, but in the "About" section it reads that "We believe that God has chosen Sam Brownback to take the baton from George W. Bush in 2008 and continue the fight against sin and immorality right here in this country as well as abroad."

Anyway, not only the post "The Sissification of Seatle" is hilarious, but the posterior apology that "Some kilt-wearing men may be heterosexual after all" though in great risk of sinning.

And that's what's going on with such puritan, bigot, narrow minded Christians: they're so busy watching out for their inner devils on everything that they probably lose contact with the Real World®

Update: check out the Landover Baptist Church, and more specially the "What We (and God) Believe" page for loads of laughs. And then relax and think again - How many people you know that can really act that way?

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American Scot said...

Thanks for the mention!
You helped me realize it was a clever hoax!
I got all blustered, and then relaxed and did some foot work and found out this is an off-shoot of landoverbaptist.org/ an obvious parody site.

Cheers to ye!