Thursday, January 03, 2008

HIV ads and censorship

Is this image too explicit? The French Association of Professionals for a Responsible Publicity thinks so.


Anonymous said...

"The French Association of Professionals for a Responsible Publicity"

What are they? Another bunch of people with too much free time on their hands?

Quien son ellos? Otro grupo que tienes desmiado much tiempo en sus manos?

Juan L. Iglesias said...

It seems to be some sort of body (Association des Professionels pur une Publicité Responsable, ) that allegedly helps proffesional publicists not only to ensure an adequate difussion of ads, but also to avoid actions that could damage the image of publicists and ads, thus that view which general public has of them. In other words, to keep ads Politically Correct.

Anonymous said...

from your description, they read like a modern day Will Hays

Juan L. Iglesias said...

I'm not really sure both can compare: such boards as this french one are allegedly born to auto-regulate their sector. Most of them do nothing, of course, but it appears that, at first at least, they played some sort of role in fighting sexism in advertisemnts, both in TV and on press. And sorry for the delay, I've been moving again back to work.