Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Six men sentenced in Morocco over gay marriage

Justice in Morocco, publishes El Pais, is sometimes quicker than expected. The article refers to a quickly made trial against some of the Moroccan persons who staged and played on a simulation of gay marriage, some of them cross dressed, in Ksar el Kebir. El Pais informs that there were no lawyers to defend those guys, and three attorneys had to be appointed from Rabat. The article describes in brief a hostile environment allegedly boosted by islamic integrism in Ksar el Kebir, with some touches of Tabligh even (which seems to be involved in anti-homosexual actions in Uganda hand by hand with Christian fundies; who said Islam and Christianity can't live together?). The only information I could find about this, apart of the El Pais article, is an editorial on TelQuel, where the staff makes reference to a media war lauched against them by Rachid Nini, who, according to El Pais, played an important role in the media instrumentalization of an anti-gay feeling before the trial. Six of the guys involved in the staged marriage have been sentenced to fines not exceeding $140, and 4 to 10 months in prison.

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