Friday, December 14, 2007

... and now The Pope Himself

So now it'll be His Holiness Himself who's going to define world peace next January 1st. Pink News marks that ex Cardinal Ratzinger's statement on World Peace Day, entitled "The Human Family, A Community of Peace" includes a description of gay marriage as "an obstacle on the road to peace" besides calling for dismantling nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons and gay marriage. And the Pentagon's Gay Bomb. Homosexuality as a weapon of mass destruction. Mass family destruction. And allegedly, as it's the case with Janis Pujats, Akinola and the whole archbishop list, these guys know perfectly well what a family is, and how to raise children. These same guys who stay in celibacy. Oh, come on. But what could be expected from the Great Inquisitor Ratzinger? The man who dismantled the Second Vatican Council, who lurked to raise to the Seat of St. Peter and then brought back the mass in Latin language, that same guy who claims for interfaith dialogue while stabbing muslims with a smile? And of course, condoms kill.

No. To be honest, Ratzinger should have been the first one in the list of homophobic priests. No wonder that it was long ago when I excommunicated myself, though being raised Catholic, and lately I'm dealing with my own process of apostasy: it's not so easy to stop being recorded as Catholic, it seems as if they were paid for each one follower.

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