Thursday, November 01, 2007

Angry Evangelicals

In another of their so godly and humble "freedom of speech for us" move, Scotland evangelicals got angry with Stonewall:

The nomination of two senior bishops as Bigot of the Year at tonight's Stonewall Awards has angered an evangelical group of Scottish Christians.
CARE Scotland said the nomination of the Bishop of Hereford and the Archbishop of Birmingham was an insult and in a letter to First Minister Alex Salmond called on the Scottish government to stop working with Stonewall.

It's so very typical from those bunches of hypocrites, demanding for freedoms for them but denying the rest of the world of all those freedoms - just go search for Voice of the Martyrs, the Southern Baptist Convention or whichever so proudly evangelical, pentecostalist or born again group of Truth Keepers; celebrating diversity by encouraging attacks on peoples other than their own community, then saying they're under direct fire whenever someone exposes their flaws and lies. I feel a deep sorrow for all the children raised in such households, doomed to play with toys such these, homeschooled and able to access only biased information not on every matter, with no taste of other love than that born again love in Jesus, never unconditional but subjected to the acceptance of their parents faith... And then they would still claim they're a church and not a cult.

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