Monday, October 22, 2007

What happened over the weekend

Wow, it seems we can't leave for a while and not expect to return online with weird news. Over the weekend, Brazilian Senator Magno Malta got upset by the approval of an anti-homophobia bill in his country, and ranted on TV comparing homosexuality with paedophilia and bestiality. I know that some of us guys love bears, but that's real far from bestiality, and I wouldn't dare to compare a twink with a baby, also. And for Pope Benedict it wasn't enough to have suspended a major priest over being aired on Italian TV coming out, now this same cleric is threatening to produce a huge list of closeted homosexual priests too. Back to priesthood or you'll be all exposed? Who knows. With Sam Brownback out of the presidential race, and Fred Thompson being backed by Phelps (yep, that same Phelps), what chances are left for anti-homosexual groups to reach the White House? Oh, and don't forget that Dumbledore happened to be a gay wizard in all of the seven books of Potter. Did anyone catch a lusty gaze from Angus to Harry? Not me. Meanwhile, Watchmen on the Walls, that weird half-lithuanian, half eastern whatever violent anti-gay organization held a meeting last Saturday on Lynnwood, California. No arrestings, it seems. And the Poland twins have been defeated on Sunday's election, well, not both, but at least one of them, the prime minister, which will hopefully bring some relief for Polish homosexuals.

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