Tuesday, October 23, 2007

LGBT rights in USA - moving to the closet

Peter LaBarbera, Fred Phelps, Ted Haggard... names that we've blogged about formerly. The Evangelical Christianity in the USA keeps struggling to kill any effort started by LGBT organizations towards a broader support for sexual and gender rights for Americans (and non-Americans as well). The type of clown which Phelps or LaBarbera are, able to condemn a whole nation and step into private funerals (allegedly on their own right for freedom of speech), or travel nationwide to pay for a ticket to a BDSM fair in an intent to depict homosexuality as an intrinsecally perverted, vicious, dirty and abominable condition of sinners; those are just anecdotic steps in the Born Again Christian crusade to wipe sins off earth. In regards to more important matters such as ENDA, which as you all know has been stripped off its transexual protections in order to secure its passing on the US Senate, still not secured, Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. said that "I find it is an insult for myself as an African American that you are granting through this law special protection for sexual orientation that might only be imagined.", Pink News informs. Of course, this and many other bishops, allegedly religious people as well, don't care what we find to be an insult and a spit in our faces. They would not care because that's their view of the world: they are simply and absolutely right, possessing The Truth, as well depicted by Lex in her blog. Guess who attended last weekend's Washington Briefing 2007? Yes, them all: McCain, Giuliani, Thompson and Romney. So it's bad news for American homosexuals and transexuals, but bisexuals can still hide themselves for a while.

Alarm and catastrophism here? Maybe, but there was not so many people sure that Bush would get a second mandate, and there he is, speaking with Jesus the Lord every morning, and sending boys to wars that the Lord tells him to start. And by the way, democrats are moving towards repelling the US Armed Forces "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. Personally I guess that such will be a much more popular measure than reinstating the draft, however if homosexuals alone are not enough to feed the Armed Forces, expect a draft in a near future. Someone's got to fight USA's wars, and it seems it's not going to be Europe.

Finally, there's a very interesting analysis on the fight for gay marriage at Pink News.

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