Friday, October 05, 2007

LaBarbera paid $5.00 to attend Folsom Street Fair

If you're turned on by kinkiness, don't miss this article, part one of a series, by Peter LaBarbera and Allyson Smith, who attended the 25th edition of Folsom Street Fair on behalf of Americans for Truth. They spiced their text with pictures taken at the Fair, constantly reminding readers of the "blasphemous, sadistic [...] perverted mockery of Da Vinci's Last Supper" (see add below). Thank you Pam, for your post on this thing. Can't wait for part two, announced already with more "Folsom Street Fair photos".

PS: I never thought I would link LaBarbera here, but, you know, the first cut is the deepest.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it would have been a little more than that if you take into consideration travel.

I've yet to find anyone SGA who has done likewise.

Juan L. Iglesias said...

"Never let truth spoil a good headline" is said, but in fact I tried to mean that he indeed had to take a $5.00 note to pay for the entrance ticket. I'm not sure whether it could be afterwards charged to his publication, but I'm sure all travel expenses would be charged to Americans for Truth. It was a field report to expose abominations, deadly sins and depravation on site, no?