Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Puritads" at work

Via Truthdig, here's the latest technology in youth sex:  

4parents.gov is, clearly from the url, a USA government-owned site devoted to promote sexual abstinence among youth "until marriage". Of course, since gay marriage is not recognized as such in the United States (except for some isolated states and towns), the site promotes total abstinence for homosexuals. The Vatican must be cheerful about it. But there are some other pearls on the site, check it at your own risk.

Along with the usual teen movie where main roles are going to have sex before graduation but decide not because "I want my first time to be special"... it may not be proof enough for some people, but add all those sex scandals and here you are: a truly puritan society. No wonder, weren't those in the Mayflower puritans, after all?

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