Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Religion and Homosexuality (I)

Just to make the Wiki entry shorter, we're briefing the diverse religious views on homosexuality here. As most of us are familiar with the Christian and Islamic views, we're going to get biased on both and just offer different opinions. For Christianity, that of the former Archbishop of York, John Habgood, who states in a book review that: "What in our day might seem to be an unequivocal reference to homosexuality, did not originally refer to a kind of sexuality at all. When Leviticus was written, the real offence in the idea of “a man lying with a man” was that it entailed a violation of male superiority. It was seen as shameful for a man to be treated as a substitute woman. In short, it was more about gender relationships than sexual orientation." For Islam, that of Abdennur Prado from the Catalonian Islamic Board, who views the story about Lot's people which is basic for the islamic ban on homosexuality more a compound of verses "in which homosexuality is never explicitly mentioned, but rather a case of mass rape" (the whole article is in Spanish). Thus, against orthodox doctrine we can find scholars arguments. But what happens outside Christianity and Islam? That's going to be the subject of further posts.

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