Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ok, Ok... Those Words: "Larry Craig".

Eventually it's official that he's going to resign. Of course all of us have been following the blogosphere coverage on the case. Of course I've been loosely following it, but not only from fellow bloggers, also from sites like Slate Magazine or Counterpunch. Craig was the last on a list of politicians who resigned because of their sexual misdemeanors, something that seems weird enough for Spain. Here, we don't pay much attention to the private life of a public person (unless that person's selling it on papier couché) and it's nothing dishonorable that politicians who strongly oppossed the Divorce Law get divorced, married and divorced years later. But the Craig affaire took First Page for many days. What's it about? Apparently there is some blogger who, last year, tried to out some Republican politicians, and one of them was Senator Larry Craig. That was the beginning. The Idaho Statesman publishes a long account of Craig sexual slipperies, along with some recorded statements (check the column on the right for audio) used in some sort of case against him viewed formerly (excuse me but I don't understand the American proceedings) in Idaho. That's the first step for non-Americans to start understanding the turmoil.

We have to move now to Slate where we find a documented background on Craig's works as legislator, along of course with a deep critic. Slate follows with some other articles, and even with a guide to cruise airport restrooms.

And then there's Counterpunch. Not only Gary Leupp develops an interesting article on Craig's affaire, but also David Rosen writes an extensive text on the Who's Who on GOP sex affairs (and maybe a who's gonna be too).

To close the Craig case, The Smoking Gun has published transcripts of the Twin Cities police record, and the Senator's mug shot.

Definitely, I wouldn't chase any politician to out him. But after that Craig's record as lawmaker I can understand some points. In any case, the former major of the place I live was elected on a conservative party. I've partied nearby him in the Madrid circuit and I wouldn't force him out. Each person's got to live with her/his own faults.

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