Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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And just to keep a bit updated, these news:

Italian politician calls for "ethnic cleansing" of gays

The northern Italian city of Treviso has witnessed mass demonstrations after the deputy mayor called for the ethnic cleansing of homosexuals.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the city hall at the weekend demanding his resignation.

Giancarlo Gentilini, told a local television station on Wednesday: "I will immediately give orders to my forces so that they can carry out an ethnic cleansing of faggots."
Australians demonstrate against ban on gay marriage

Thousands of people marched yesterday in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney as part of the National Day of Action, which marked the three year anniversary of gay marriage being outlawed.

The largest of the marches was in Melbourne, where more than 5,000 people attended. All the marches were peaceful.

Prime Minister John Howard's Liberal government passed federal legislation in 2004 banning same-sex marriage.
Ban on homosexuality in Uganda "unenforceable"

Ugandan laws prohibiting homosexual activity have resulted in no arrests of couples despite people being open about their sexuality and the fact that there are more than 160 members of leading gay organisations.

According to the Monitor.co.ug, Oscar Kihika, the president of the Uganda Law Society said: "You can't just arrest someone for saying they are gay.

"That's like arresting someone just because he says he stole something, with no proof," he said.
Nigerian men could face death penalty for 'gay marriage'

18 men have been arrested at a hotel in northern Nigeria and charged with sodomy.

The men, who were detained by police on Sunday, come from different parts of Nigeria and were allegedly dressed in women's clothes. They had come together to celebrate a gay 'marriage,' according to the NAN government news agency.

The arrests took place in Bauchi city, the capital of a Muslim state in the centre of Nigeria with a population of 316,000.

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