Monday, August 06, 2007

Bob Allen: when scared, he does oral

From The Advocate news: Florida politician Bob Allen, charged with "solicitation to commit prostitution" after arrested on July 11th in Titusville, said recently that "this was a pretty stocky black guy, and there was nothing but other black guys around in the park" where he was, so he thought that the best solution for him being scared of Black thuggish types was to address the guy and offering him $20 for letting him do a fellatio. Allen version is different from the Black guy's, Danny Kavanaugh, which you can read on the above link. You can read both, anyway, but, come on Bob!

Let me picture myself into this: so I'm a politician, (by definition someone more or less important and allegedly heard by the police), and then I go strolling parks and peeking males on stalls? Oh, sure, there's nothing wrong with it, eh? And when something scares me, for instance, the sight of a stocky black man, instead of calling my Ku Klux Klan fellow knights to protect ourselves better, I go and offer the guy a blow job? Well, still nothing much wrong. But Bob, 20 bucks? Stocky built, probably hung as a horse... Bob, come on, that's at least 50 dollars.

Oh, of course. You weren't there looking to have sex with anybody and certainly weren't there to exchange money for it.

To which extent is lying a common habit of politicians?

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Rendolph Peigne said...

This story reveals, one more time, how hypocrisy reins in the political arena; everything has a justifiable reason as long as the person is in a position of power. However, I think that this politician could have been a model of sincerity that would serve as an example for others to follow if he only admitted that he wanted to have a good time with that black guy. That would also demonstrate how he favors diversity in his political philosophy.