Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sodomy: a brief comment.

Some friend emailed me privately to congratulate for this blog (this is autopromotion, I know), and expressed that:

"finally, a gay blog that's not based on pornography and eroticism. It's saddening, however, to learn that there a people being killed for being who they are. And yet some lesbians go through it unjudged."

Well, as a reference to yesterday's post about the GLBT rights worldwide, such idea that lesbians get the best part of it must be, under my standpoint, clarified.
The fact is that most of the laws forbidding or punishing same sex relations are based in old law codes. It's not strange then that countries so separated as Antigua, Kenya, Nigeria and Kiribati state as a maximum penalty 14 years of prison. I haven't checked up the sources and extents of such ruling, but I believe that it may be rooted in colonization laws. I'm right now taking a look at the wikipedia entry about Sodomy Law which includes a comprehensive definition and story, so that any intelligent mind can guess why such actions have been (and sadly are) enforced mostly against "sex between men, particularly anal sex". Sex between women seldom includes anal penetration (but I'm not a lesbian woman and little I know about the issue). And where did such Sodomy Laws come from? Well, that requires a deeper research but I bet it's got something to do with religious beliefs. I promise to write a small series of posts dealing with religious positions in regards to homosexuality. By now I recommend to click on the Wikipedia link and read the whole entry, as well as the related ones.
And to end with a strange curiosity, the entry mentions that until the United States of America Supreme Court decided on the Lawrence v. Texas trial in 2003, the following US states had laws against sodomy (or whatever they wanted to call that).
  • Alabama (1 year or $2,000)
  • Florida (60 days or $500)
  • Idaho (5 years to life)
  • Kansas (6 months or $1,000)
  • Louisiana (5 years or $2,000)
  • Mississippi (10 years)
  • Missouri (1 year or $1,000)
  • North Carolina (10 years to discretionary time)
  • South Carolina (5 years or $500)
  • Texas ($500)
  • Virginia (1 year and 6 months)

Yes, strange that the USA kept these penalties for homosexuality only 4 years ago, eh? Well, don't forget that the pilgrims of the Mayflower were puritans fleeing their European region for morality reasons. In fact they were escaping a land of depravation and inmorality... but that's only my opinion.

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