Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gay Pride Pictures

No, we're not going to publish here our own pictures taken at none of the many Pride parades on the world, maybe next year we'll be doing so. Instead, here you are a couple of links to pictures people took.
Pictures of Pride: LGBT Celebrations around the World is a collection of pictures along the years hosted by Human Rights Watch. Thank you
Messiah Divine on the 2007 Europride Madrid (starts on picture 3) Rafa Castellano and Goldorbator are also showing the Madrid Pride in Flickr, and keeping inside Flickr here's a wonderful set of albums by SeemingLeeNYC for the New York 2007 Gay Pride. CharlesFred shows us the Bangkok Pride and Kevin posts his pictures of the Toronto Pride week 2007. Of course, Africa is also represented in the gallery of the Cape Town Gay Pride 2007 by Ispy.
But hey, we promised to not be posting pornography and eroticism, and you're already drooling at all those pictures, that's not fair.

Oh, and I must welcome our new blog members Sam and Fulani, as well as express my warm thanks to Kefa for his interesting post on Haiti.

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